ProEsys IoT Cathodic Protection Sensor

Satellite and terrestrial bi-directional communication LoRaWAN® compatible sensor

CP-SAT is a specialised sensor dedicated to unattended, long-term monitoring of cathodic protection systems for Oil & Gas applications. The CP-SAT sensor is designed to accurately monitor cathodic protection voltages and currents, with local calculation and storage capabilities.

The sensor is equipped with a photovoltaic panel and supercapacitors with an optional primary battery. It can send immediate alarms in case of threshold crossing. This sensor has been developed as a series of IoT communications specific for vertical markets, such as Oil&Gas and energy T&D.

Based on LoRa® technology, fully compliant with the LoRaWAN® standard protocol, and designed for critical infrastructure and monitoring under harsh outdoor conditions. It sends data based on LoRa® over Satellite on the EchoStar Mobile™ network and terrestrial LoRaWAN® 868/915/923 MHz. The satellite solution does not require gateway infrastructure.

As a completely waterproof new green device, it will last many years on energy generated by the integrated photovoltaic panel with supercapacitors and, if necessary, on an optional internal primary battery.

The sensor can be pole mounted and is equipped with a multi-pole cable connected to the field inputs. The CP-SAT sensor has 3DC + 1AC analogue inputs, galvanically insulated from each other and from the ground, bipolar and with SW selectable +/-2.5 or +/-10V range.

Current readings with an external shunt resistor are possible. The AC input can measure residual AC components of a selected DC input. An additional digital output for a remote on/off switch is also available.

All sensor parameters can be remotely programmed. It can be connected to long-range, public or private LoRaWAN® networks. Connection to satellite networks is accomplished on EchoStar Mobile™ S-band LoRa® network. An internal storage memory can log the acquired samples for later retrieval and analysis. The sensor is supplied in IP67 enclosures for outdoor installations with an extended temperature range of -30/+70 °C.