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Implementing innovative connectivity solutions with our market-leading distribution partners.

We work with a wide range of industry-leading communications partners who leverage our mobile satellite services to solve the unique connectivity challenges faced in their sector.

Our mobile satellite data services combine the resilience of our S-band satellite network and the cutting-edge technology and convenience of Hughes terminals. When paired with our partners’ innovative products, we can offer compelling, affordable solutions for connecting people, assets and devices in even the most remote corners of Europe.

Bentley Walker

Bentley Walker is a global leader in satellite broadband internet and Europe’s largest reseller of satellite internet equipment. Committed to service excellence, they partner with the best hardware vendors and network providers to deliver the highest level of provision and value for the end-customers, wherever required.

Offering worldwide coverage, Bentley Walker’s mobile systems are small enough to be vehicle portable yet sophisticated enough to meet every range of need from consumer to commercial and enterprise, and even in the harshest of environments.

Offering the complete package in the provision of satellite internet, Bentley Walker takes a solution-oriented approach to meet the requirements of today’s industry challenges and ensure the utmost end-customer satisfaction.

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Galaxy 1 specialises in integrating mobile Satcom services and connections, the terrestrial infrastructure, online firewalls, Satcom equipment and the IP applications used over the satellite network.

In addition to its ground-breaking hardware and services, Galaxy 1 delivers innovative solutions to the challenges faced when managing distributed terminals. Its innovative solutions include video and audio-streaming applications, tracking software, powerful M2M or IOT management, control platform technology (Remote Terminal Manager) and a unique, secure online Billing & Management platform.

With offices in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore, Galaxy 1 provides its services predominantly to partners and integrators focusing on utility, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and media verticals.

Hughes Europe

As a market leader in providing high-quality, managed SD-WAN network connectivity solutions, Hughes Europe supports distributed enterprises in maximising their productivity and enhancing the customer experience across multi-site environments.

Hughes Europe specialises in delivering secure WAN connectivity, network resilience, optimisation, and SD-WAN, working closely with end-customers to design, implement and manage the best possible wide area networking (WAN) solutions. With a flexible, multi-vendor approach, Hughes Europe leverages the latest modern technology to identify and deliver the right solutions to meet customers’ commercial needs.

Delivering services throughout Europe, with offices in the UK, Germany, and Italy, Hughes Europe enjoys long-standing customer relationships – a testament to their collaborative and quality-focused approach.

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Combining more than 70 years of expertise in satellite communication and terrestrial telecoms, and digital technology, Marlink excels in designing, operating and managing end-to-end network solutions that connect your business operations and assets, even when in the most remote and challenging locations.

Complementing their intelligent hybrid network solutions, Marlink provides an innovative range of fully integrated and managed critical IT, IoT and cyber security solutions.

With its high-quality, global network infrastructure and innovative approach to developing value-added applications, Marlink delivers the scalability required to meet the needs of your remote business operations in ever smarter, more profitable and sustainable ways.

MConnected Ltd

MConnected Ltd is an asset intelligence company, with products based on resilient technologies and robust business processes.

MConnected Ltd specialises in a wide range of high–tech asset edge devices, applications & services. The business embraces the “Internet of Things” (IoT) vertical and has placed itself at the heart of the asset intelligence sector.

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