MSS Terminals

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Cutting-edge MSS terminals to meet all of your connectivity needs

At EchoStar Mobile, as well as providing reliable and high-quality connectivity services, we partner with Hughes to engineer and produce user-friendly, agile and cost-effective MSS terminals hardware to meet every one of your communication requirements.

Hughes 4510 S-band Terminal

For mobile, land and maritime packet data network applications requiring high-quality coverage across satellite and cellular networks, the Hughes 4510 MSS terminal is an affordable solution that delivers ‘always-on’, hybrid connectivity.

Dynamically routing IP traffic between terrestrial and satellite networks based upon path availability, the Hughes 4510 S-band terminal provides end-to-end connectivity ideal for applications in a wide range of sectors, including maritime, utilities, transport and logistics.

4510 S-Band Terminal
4500 S-Band Terminal

Hughes 4500 S-band Terminal

With the Hughes 4500 MSS terminal, sites that are otherwise off-grid can be assured of reliable and affordable end-to-end IP data connectivity. The low standby power consumption and weatherproofed integrated Omni antenna makes this hardware perfect for a wide range of fixed and mobile, land and maritime applications seeking high-quality, S-band satellite mobile services.

Supporting numerous applications, such as connected vehicle, industrial, fisheries, resource extraction, environmental monitoring, and Smart-Grid monitoring, the Hughes 4500 terminal offers advantages across many industries.

Hughes 4200 Portable Data Terminal, VoIP and IP Data Terminal with WLAN Access Point

The Hughes 4200 Portable Data Terminal delivers resilient and efficient connectivity to VoIP and IP data services, supported by GMR-1 3G, for all users in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. Quality of Service (QoS) levels and its native voice channel ensure high performance, even in the most remote locations.

The Hughes 4200 PDT is perfect for quick and convenient deployment, featuring a self-contained battery-operated unit with an integrated flat-panel antenna and visual pointing aid.

4200 Portable Data Terminal