LoRa®-Enabled Massive IoT Network Across Europe

Our pan-European LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network enhances the power of LoRaWAN®, leveraging satellite to offer real-time, bi-directional data transfer to and from battery-operated things across all of Europe.

With massive IoT, sensors can remotely collect and transmit data, enabling organisations across a wide range of industries to optimise their operations, reduce waste and control costs. LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) facilitates this process, sending the data wirelessly over up to 15 kilometres.

Our pan-European LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network extends the reach of LoRaWAN® so that assets can be monitored and managed across Europe. This continuous coverage is provided via our state-of-the-art EchoStar XXI S-band satellite and requires no additional infrastructure.


Seamless Pan-European coverage for massive IoT

The EchoStar XXI satellite is in geostationary Earth orbit, offering seamless coverage over thousands of kilometres. Leveraging the power of EchoStar XXI, our pan-European LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network can bring all the benefits of massive IoT to operations in even the most remote regions.

With no need for multiple subscriptions or cumbersome roaming agreements, it is the ideal solution for wide-reaching infrastructure, mobile customers or operations in isolated areas where terrestrial coverage is limited or unavailable.

You can read more about this in our comprehensive guide to satellite IoT.

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Europe-wide IoT

Dual-mode terrestrial and satellite module

With our commitment to providing affordable connectivity solutions for our customers, we designed our LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network to offer dual-mode connectivity. Delivered via our EM2050 OEM module, this capability means that connectivity can seamlessly switch from our licensed 2GHz satellite spectrum (S-band) to terrestrial sub-GHz EU/US ISM bands where available, optimising cost-efficiency while maintaining service reliability.

Our EM2050 OEM module also supports two-way data transfer, sending and receiving LoRa® signals on both satellite and terrestrial networks. Furthermore, its low-power consumption and sleep mode enables products to work for years without further intervention.

As a member of the LoRa Alliance®, we are focused on ensuring our LoRa® module works seamlessly with the existing ecosystem. With easy integration into existing projects, our module is the ideal technology choice for massive IoT network deployments where coverage and infrastructure make adopting LoRa® problematic.

diagram of echostar lora module

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S-band across Europe

EchoStar Mobile’s LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network utilises our dedicated licensed S-band spectrum, enabling our customers’ LoRa® products to operate in the 2 GHz S-band range all throughout Europe. With this exclusive use of assigned frequencies, interference is minimised while high levels of security are assured.

By leveraging our S-band spectrum, our LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network ensures reliable performance and enterprise-grade service levels. Unlike some other bands, S-band offers significant resistance to signal fading caused by rain, snow and ice, maintaining uninterrupted access even during harsh weather conditions.

LoRaWAN® Over Satellite

As a member of the LoRa® Alliance, EchoStar is committed to advancing massive IoT by integrating Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN®) capabilities with its satellite infrastructure. This revolutionary synergy enables EchoStar to extend the reach of IoT applications and devices to even the most remote and underserved regions of the world.

LoRa Alliance Member

Massive IoT applications

Following our early adopter program, we have already collaborated with numerous partners in a variety of industries to demonstrate the real-world benefits of our LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network, for example:

  • Monitoring the condition of utility infrastructure that stretches over vast distances
  • Collecting and sending data on soil in areas where terrestrial coverage is unavailable to understand its condition better
  • Offering the scalability for the widespread installation of water meters to improve industry and national sustainability
  • Tracking the safety of lone workers or outdoor enthusiasts as they explore remote regions


In our use cases, we take a closer look at these applications and the benefits provided via our LoRa®-enabled massive IoT network.