Pipeline Operations Satellite Services

Pipeline Operations

Pipelines in the EU and UK stretch across borders, territories, and areas of responsibility. Monitoring their integrity and the surrounding environmental conditions to mitigate risk to these essential structures is uniquely challenging.

Remote sensors and IoT devices can gather data on the conditions. However, where terrestrial coverage is lacking or non-existent, transmitting this data efficiently so that it is of value poses issues. If coverage is available, multiple roaming agreements or subscriptions are typically required to cover the length of pipelines. These issues can make remote monitoring cumbersome, costly and inefficient.

EchoStar Mobile pipeline operations satellite services provide ubiquitous coverage across the region, enabling cost-effective, real-time data transfer wherever and however far your pipeline infrastructure extends.

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Pan-European LoRa®-Enabled IoT Network

With EchoStar Mobile’s single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network, pipeline companies can fully utilise the benefits of Massive IoT and remote monitoring technologies.

Using direct-to-satellite technology, our pipeline operations satellite services require no additional infrastructure. With a single subscription, critical data can be transmitted in real-time, from any location, even in the most remote parts of Europe and the UK.

The resilience of our S-band satellite services is particularly beneficial for pipeline companies, with infrastructure often located in harsh environments and facing challenging weather patterns. With reliable access to real-time data on the condition of your pipelines, you can take efficient action to improve efficiency, sustainability and safety and reduce risk.

ProEsys CP-SAT Sensor: A Pipeline Satellite Services Use Case

The CP-SAT IoT Cathodic Protection Sensor by ProEsys is designed to monitor cathodic protection systems that help prevent the corrosion of metal pipelines in the Oil & Gas industry. Providing long-term, continuous monitoring, it offers excellent value in managing pipeline conditions enabling digital transformation on passive infrastructure.

With the ubiquitous and resilient coverage provided by our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network, the CP-SAT sensors can provide data on pipelines that stretch over extensive areas and where no terrestrial networks are available. Data can be provided in real-time, and with bi-directional transmission, companies can fully manage their assets remotely, saving millions of costs in the daily maintenance routing process.