Satellite IoT Applications

Leveraging our solutions for real-world satellite IoT applications

At EchoStar Mobile, our extensive and growing partner ecosystem covers a broad range of industry sectors and satellite IoT applications. We partner with system integrators, device makers and service providers to develop innovative direct sensor-to-satellite solutions that seek to solve key challenges faced by businesses, wider organisations and individuals today.

We designed our pan-European S-Band LoRa® network with these satellite IoT applications and their current challenges in mind, seeking to extend the potential of massive IoT and the advantages it offers. Our pan-European S-Band LoRa® network provides ubiquitous, resilient coverage reaching remote areas where terrestrial services are limited or unavailable, with no additional infrastructure required. Furthermore, its real-time, bi-directional connectivity offers considerable advantages for many applications in industries where efficiency is critical, and delays in action can be costly.

Below, we take a closer look at how our partners have leveraged the benefits of our pan-European S-Band LoRa® network for their industry-specific applications. With the simple integration of our EM2050 OEM module into their products, they have been able to solve connectivity challenges such as coverage, scalability, convenience and affordability for IoT applications in their sectors.

Our case studies cover industries including utilities and water, agriculture and personal tracking, and we’ll continue to add new insights as more of our partners bring their solutions to market.

Personal tracking devices support a faster response time should an emergency occur, minimising any adverse consequences. With this innovative digital technology, individuals are empowered to go out and explore the outdoors, having the reassurance that help is within reach if needed....