Maritime Satellite Services

Innovating for more cost-effective maritime satellite services

Every vessel, no matter the size or budget, can and should benefit from the best-in-breed connectivity.

At EchoStar Mobile, we believe vessels of all sizes can and should benefit from the best-in-breed connectivity maritime satellite services that enhance your operations while still keeping within budget.

With our innovative technology, we can overcome the complexity of accessing reliable offshore coverage and keep your operations connected without the need for a large budget or even larger onboard real estate. Our portfolio of flexible and scalable airtime plans and range of small, ruggedized (IP-67) auto-acquire data terminals enable every vessel to access the latest in IoT and digital applications, such as Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), to improve their safety and productivity.

Bringing the best in breed hybrid connectivity to Maritime Vessels of all sizes and budgets

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S-band Satellite Services

EchoStar Mobile’s maritime satellite services network operates in the S-band, ensuring ubiquitous, resilient coverage from land to sea and from fixed or moving locations. Combining the reliability of this coverage with our small, low-cost terminals, vessels can access all their critical data, even in the most remote and harsh environments.

Hybrid SYNERGY™ Services

Our innovative, hybrid satellite and cellular service optimises cost-efficiency without compromising quality. By leveraging highly available, resilient S-band satellite coverage when across EU, Scandinavia and UK regional waters, vessels can access the critical data needed, such as Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). With a seamless transition to Pan-European cellular roaming when close to shore, vessel and crew connectivity costs are kept down.

We make accessing data easy, reliable and affordable whether offshore or close to home, meaning all vessels can enjoy the benefits of improved operational efficiency, crew safety and wellbeing, and more sustainable activity.