Utilities Satellite Services

Future-proofing connectivity for your evolution

Remote monitoring utility infrastructure poses several challenges. The utility sector is undergoing large-scale transformation, moving away from legacy technologies. Long-term yet agile connectivity solutions are needed which can scale and adapt to your evolving needs and align with the latest technologies. Connectivity must also have the coverage and resilience to support remote monitoring across vast areas and remote regions where terrestrial networks are unavailable, and conditions are demanding.

At EchoStar Mobile, we have developed a suite of utilities satellite services which includes hardware and applications to support utility companies with these connectivity challenges.

Our utilities satellite services ensure resilient, ubiquitous coverage across all of Europe, even in the most remote corners. With our connectivity solutions, your business can deploy standardised communication solutions, like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), while also implementing forward-thinking digital strategies.

We enable connectivity to a wide range of technology, such as IoT sensors, LoRa®-enabled devices, and remote video and voice, providing real-time data insight advantages.

As legacy technologies approach obsolescence, you can rely on EchoStar Mobile to deliver future-proofed connectivity solutions with a high level of service that evolves alongside your business needs.

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Pan-European LoRa®-Enabled IoT Network

Our direct-to-satellite utilities satellite services support innovative technologies, such as LoRa®-enabled and Massive IoT. As a low-power, easy-to-deploy connectivity solution with ubiquitous coverage, it is ideal for the remote monitoring of utility infrastructure that stretches over vast distances.

Offering dual-mode connectivity, it leverages resilient S-band satellite services and terrestrial networks to provide an affordable, continuous service without requiring additional infrastructure. Critical data can be accessed in real-time, and with bi-directional capabilities, swift action can be taken to reduce risk and optimise operations.

S-band Satellite Services

EchoStar Mobile’s mobile satellite services network operates in the S-band, providing high-quality, resilient coverage that keeps you connected to your critical infrastructure, however challenging the conditions. Leveraging the convenience of our small, portable terminals, we can offer the benefits of this reliable connectivity at a cost-effective rate, even in the most remote locations.

Hybrid SYNERGY™ Services

Our leading hybrid satellite and cellular service harnesses the resilience of S-band satellite connectivity when network coverage is limited or unavailable, then seamlessly transitions to cellular roaming when in range of over 100 networks to maximise cost-efficiency. With this leading technology, we can offer companies reliable, ubiquitous coverage to fixed or moving users and applications at an affordable cost.

ProEsys IVMS-SAT: A Utilities Satellite Services Use Case 

The IVMS-SAT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensor by ProEsys monitors the vibration and inclination of any structure or industrial application. For utilities, this sensor is ideal for detecting physical attacks on critical assets or environmental changes such as landslides.

Data is provided in real-time by connecting to our utilities satellite services. With immediate alarms sent to the control centre, rapid action can be taken to minimise any impacts.