Satellite LoRa® IoT Devices

Cutting-edge satellite LoRa® IoT devices to meet all of your connectivity needs

With our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network, customers across all industries can benefit from bi-directional, real-time satellite connectivity to their LoRa® IoT devices with no additional infrastructure required.

Our satellite LoRa® IoT devices are ideal for customers with widely distributed or mobile assets, including applications such as:

  • Asset track and trace, transportation, and fleet logistics
  • Infrastructure monitoring (road, rail, utilities and pipelines)
  • AgriTech
  • Remote locations and low-density deployments
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Personal tracking
  • Maritime (smart buoys, tracking rental boats)

EM2050 OEM Module

The EM2050 OEM is a dual-mode module capable of transmitting and receiving signals on both licensed 2GHz satellite spectrum (S-band) and terrestrial sub-GHz EU/US ISM bands.

The EM2050 unlocks the potential of Massive IoT, connecting IoT devices and services anywhere to our direct-to-satellite LoRa®-enabled European network

The EM2050 OEM Module is designed to be embedded into customers’ products, so the system integrator can easily realise a final solution according to specific requirements and user applications.

EM2050-EVK (evaluation kit) 

The EM2050-EVK Evaluation Kit is designed to allow system integrators to prototype and test solutions utilising our direct-to-satellite LoRa®-enabled IoT network. It provides a platform for easily integrating with a large variety of sensors and applications while testing them in real-world scenarios on the network.

With the EM2050-EVK Evaluation Kit, customers can create a proof of concept (PoC) with minimum effort. By simply integrating the specific sensors and battery and enclosing them in a box, the solution can be tested in any outdoor scenario.

EMAS100 Antenna

The EMAS100 is a passive PCB antenna that can be embedded into a customer product. As a small, lightweight device, the EMAS100 Antenna is highly convenient to deploy. Meanwhile, leveraging the benefits of our licensed EM S-band spectrum ensures the best performance in any environment.

As an omnidirectional antenna, the EMAS100 can be used as a reference in the design phase, helping developers tune the integrated antenna directly on the device.