High-Quality, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Across All of Europe

With the ubiquitous, resilient coverage provided by our mobile satellite network combined with the latest developments in digital connectivity, we offer efficient, reliable, and affordable mobile satellite communication services for all your data transfer requirements.

satellite services

Satellite Connectivity

Discover how the power of our comprehensive S-band mobile satellite communication services and market-leading terminals from our sister company, Hughes, unite to provide a wide range of industry benefits for organisations of any size or budget, even in the most remote locations across all of Europe.

Communication satellite services

Massive IoT

Our innovative mobile satellite services unlock the potential of massive IoT, providing connectivity in the most remote areas, harsh environments or even on the move. Leveraging the licensed S-band spectrum, we ensure reliable, real-time connectivity to and from battery-powered sensors, with no additional infrastructure needed.

Communication satellite services

5G Device to Satellite

Explore a new level of connectivity delivered by the inclusion of satellite networks in 3GPP standards or Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN). Working with global partners, we’re developing 3GPP NTN capabilities to enable direct-to-device wideband services and help to remove the coverage gap experienced by users worldwide.

Keeping Industries Connected

EchoStar Mobile believes all businesses, small or large, should have affordable access to the latest
communication technology.

maritime satellite services

We make accessing data easy, reliable and affordable whether offshore or close to home, meaning all vessels can enjoy the benefits of improved operational efficiency, crew safety and wellbeing, and more sustainable activity.

Remote Terminal Manager by Galaxy 1

We deliver long-term, resilient, innovative connectivity solutions that can scale and adapt to your utility company's evolving needs and align with the latest technologies.

agriculture satellite services
Agriculture /Agritech

We leverage the latest technology to offer your agricultural company affordable connectivity solutions that improve efficiency and visibility in monitoring and managing your operations and remaining fully compliant with industry regulations.

pipeline in county

Offering connectivity in even the most remote locations, our pan-European S-band LoRa® network enables pipeline companies to leverage remote sensors and IoT for more efficient monitoring and management of their distributed assets.

Emergency Response Satellite Services
Emergency Response

When natural or human-induced disasters lead to failure in terrestrial services, our resilient, S-band emergency response satellite services and our easy-to-deploy terminals provide a convenient and reliable alternative connectivity solution.

Interworking services
Interworking with Terrestrial LoRaWAN®

With an innovative connectivity solution that adds our pan-European S-band LoRa® network to our partners’ terrestrial LoRaWAN® networks, we can offer continuous coverage even in remote locations, extending the benefits of Massive IoT.

Personal Tracking Satellite services
Personal Tracking

The ubiquitous, resilient coverage and real-time, bi-directional connectivity of our pan-European S-band LoRa® network enable personal tracking devices to monitor individuals in remote locations reliably, supporting a faster response time should an emergency occur.

Our Partner Use Cases

Collaborating with a range of distribution partners allows us to deliver innovation in mobile satellite communication services, creating new, resilient and cost-effective solutions for every aspect of your connectivity requirements.

Our Partner Ecosystem

About EchoStar Mobile

EchoStar Mobile is a subsidiary of the leading satellite provider, EchoStar Corporation. Partnering with the global broadband satellite technology company Hughes Network Systems, EchoStar Mobile has the coverage, capability and expertise to deliver best-in-breed mobile satellite communication service solutions to solve a wide range of industry challenges.

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