Satellite Sectors

utilities satellite services

Harnessing the latest satellite technology to keep your sector connected

At EchoStar Mobile, we use our innovation and expertise to provide connectivity solutions that meet your unique industry and sector challenges.

Whether it’s remote or moving locations, challenging weather conditions, space, or budget considerations, our satellite sector services and LoRa modules can keep your devices, machines and people connected across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.


Supporting the complexity of challenges faced in the agricultural industries, our satellite sectors services provide connectivity solutions for monitoring all your essential operations. From climate and soil conditions to livestock and crop health, with our ubiquitous coverage and IoT technology, we can offer access to the data that gives you better control, predictability, and efficiency in your processes.

IoT solutions for agriculture
maritime satellite services


We believe there should be no compromise between ubiquitous coverage, flexible service and cost. Taking an all-inclusive approach to our service provision, we use a hybrid connectivity option to ensure all vessels, regardless of sector, size or scale, have access to a seamless connection from port to sea.


At EchoStar Mobile, we use best-in-breed satellite connectivity for pipeline operators across every corner of Europe, providing you with the coverage you can trust. Our range of data transfer solutions offers comprehensive, real-time monitoring and management of your pipelines, supporting the safety, security and efficiency of all your critical processes.

Pipeline using Satellite Services
Communication satellite services


Taking a forward-thinking approach, we deliver connectivity solutions that scale with your business needs and evolve with technological advances. Our suite of services enables reliable, ubiquitous and cost-effective coverage, connecting your critical infrastructure, even in the most remote locations, and supporting the delivery of uninterrupted services to your customers.

Emergency Response

At EchoStar Mobile, our user-friendly hardware and resilient S-band emergency response satellite services provide reliable connectivity when natural or human-induced disasters occur, and traditional terrestrial infrastructure is damaged.

Emergency Response Satellite Services
Personal Tracking Satellite services

Personal Tracking

Our personal tracking satellite services now mean that personal tracking devices can offer individuals and organisations the reassurance to enjoy discovering the great outdoors or work in remote areas while minimising risk to their safety.

Connecting LoRa® and LoRaWAN®

We provide a cost-effective option connecting LoRa® and LoRaWAN® option for customers already using the terrestrial networks of Actility or The Things Industries with our satellite network.

Interworking services