Personal Tracking Satellite Services

Personal Tracking across Europe

Our personal tracking satellite services now mean that personal tracking devices can offer individuals and organisations the reassurance to enjoy discovering the great outdoors or work in remote areas while minimising risk to their safety.

Outdoor activities and adventure tourism have never been more popular. From hiking, trail running, cycling or skiing in the mountains to kite surfing, rock climbing or caving around the coast, it may be exhilarating, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous.

Personal Tracking Satellite services

For employees working in isolated areas or potentially hazardous situations, personal tracking, enabled by our personal tracking satellite services, can also ensure their safety while offering an excellent tool for remotely monitoring and managing operational activity.

Digital trackers that harness our S-band satellite services’ resilient, ubiquitous coverage can provide a monitoring and recovery solution for any personal tracking requirement, even in the most remote locations. Using direct sensor-to-satellite technology, these trackers offer real-time connectivity and the capability of locating individuals with an accuracy of 50cm.

With the reassurance provided by personal tracking devices, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their adventures with confidence while teams working in high-risk environments are well-protected.

Pan-European LoRa®-Enabled IoT Network

The direct sensor-to-satellite capability of our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network offers immense benefits to individuals seeking adventure activities in challenging environments or staff working in isolated locations.

Where terrestrial networks are limited or non-existent, our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network maintains resilient, ubiquitous coverage even in harsh weather conditions or under water. No additional infrastructure is required and personal trackers are small and lightweight, with fully integrated antennas. Our personal tracking satellite services enable real-time monitoring of location, recovery capability and bi-directional connectivity, this technology supports a faster response time that reduces the consequences of any emergencies faced during expeditions into remote areas or challenging environments.

Use case: APIK’s KIP2 Safety Beacon

The APIK’s KIP2 Safety Beacon is the ultimate monitoring and recovery solution for outdoor adventurers, isolated workers or organisations managing these operations. As a small, low-cost, low-power tracking device, it provides an easy-to-use, lightweight alert tool, enabling individuals to move with ease when out in the field. Using sensor-to-satellite connectivity via our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network, the APIK’s KIP2 Safety Beacon ensures reliable signal transmission, however remote the location.

The APIK’s KIP2 Safety Beacon connects to a FIND-R component carried by search and rescue teams. With a 12 km range and the ability to connect anywhere, it can locate individuals with an accuracy of 50cm. When time and accuracy are vital, using the APIK’s KIP2 Safety Beacon, individuals can be found in less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, with a IP67 rating, this personal tracking device is fully waterproofed, offering a complete safety solution for outdoor adventures and high-risk work environments.