Emergency Response Satellite Services

Providing a fast, easy and affordable way to re-establish connections in times of crisis

We offer solutions that can get you connected, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

At EchoStar Mobile, our user-friendly hardware and resilient S-band emergency response satellite services provide reliable connectivity when natural or human-induced disasters occur, and traditional terrestrial infrastructure is damaged.

Our innovative Hughes terminals are agile, easy to deploy and cost-effective. Their low-power capability and options for a self-contained battery operating unit make them ideal for power-challenged locations during times of emergency. Combined with our satellite S-band services, our terminals can support efficient voice calls and wireless data transfer with high performance even in the most remote regions of Europe.

We work with a number of forward-thinking distribution partners whose solutions ensure you can get connected, no matter how challenging the circumstances. For example, CPN’s EVERY 4510 is mobile, self-powered and weatherproofed, delivering secure end-to-end IP data connectivity within a minute and having a battery life of up to 12 hours. Enabled via our hybrid SYNERGY™ service, our emergency response satellite services are an ideal communications solution in a time of crisis.

S-band Satellite Services

EchoStar Mobile’s mobile satellite services network operates in the S-band, providing high-quality, resilient coverage that keeps you connected to your critical infrastructure, however challenging the conditions. Leveraging the convenience of our small, portable terminals, we can offer the benefits of this reliable connectivity at a cost-effective rate, even in the most remote locations.

Hybrid SYNERGY™ Services

Our leading hybrid satellite and cellular service harnesses the resilience of S-band satellite connectivity when network coverage is limited or unavailable, then seamlessly transitions to cellular roaming when in range of over 100 networks to maximise cost-efficiency. With this leading technology, we can offer companies reliable, ubiquitous coverage to fixed or moving users and applications at an affordable cost.

By taking an innovative approach to our service delivery, EchoStar Mobile can support utility companies as their communication requirements evolve, ensuring you and your end-customers benefit from the latest in connectivity and data transfer technology.