Remote Soil Moisture Sensing Use Case

Addressing the Challenges of Cost and Coverage in Remote Soil Moisture Sensing

Remote monitoring of soil conditions is essential for anyone working in water management and flood prediction. It benefits businesses, communities and the environment, reducing flood risk, optimising agriculture and enhancing peatland carbon capture.

The technology needed to evaluate soil conditions has existed for over a century, and although advances have been made in creating more sophisticated monitoring devices, two key challenges have hindered a more widespread rollout of remote soil moisture sensing: cost and coverage.

In this use case, we take a closer look at the importance of monitoring soil conditions, its benefits, and the challenges involved in deploying the required technology. We then share the work of our partner Dales Land Net who are leaders in the development of technology for remote soil moisture sensing. Their solution, the Dales Land Net Soil Monitor, solved one of the key challenges.

However, when partnering with EchoStar Mobile and leveraging our satellite services, they were able to unlock the full potential of their Soil Monitor, offering outstanding benefits across a range of circumstances.

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