Yachts and Boat Monitoring through Satellite and IoT Integration

Owning a yacht, private boat or other vessel is often regarded as a symbol of luxury, freedom, and adventure across the sea. Yet, for many smaller yacht or boat owners, it’s not all clear skies and smooth sailing.

Sailing on the open waters, boats and yachts are susceptible to a myriad of maintenance issues, such as wear and tear from harsh marine conditions, engine overheating, water ingress, and electrical and navigation system failures. All of these demand vigilant monitoring and timely intervention to ensure safe and enjoyable voyages.

During the off-season, more and more owners are choosing to leave their vessels docked in marinas, escalating the costs associated with maintaining their seacraft. Keeping yachts or boats in the water when not in regular use increases the risk of damage or deterioration. Employing a solution for remotely monitoring a docked vessel will minimise this deterioration and allow owners to tackle developing maintenance issues before they become too costly.

This use case shares how innovative IoT technology can collect and transmit data that determines the condition of owners’ yachts or boats while docked but also when navigating the open sea. As well as reviewing the terrestrial connectivity options that enable this data transfer, the use case also explores how advances in satellite solutions enhance this technology’s capabilities and deliver added benefits for yacht and boat owners where no terrestrial connectivity exists.

Yachts and Boat Monitoring through Satellite and IoT Integration use case

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