EMAS100 Antenna

Enabling ease-of-deployment for direct-to-satellite connectivity 

The EMAS100 is a passive PCB antenna that can be embedded into a customer product. As a small, lightweight device, the EMAS100 Antenna is highly convenient to deploy. Meanwhile, leveraging the benefits of our licensed EM S-band spectrum ensures the best performance in any environment.

As an omnidirectional antenna, the EMAS100 can be used as a reference in the design phase, helping developers tune the integrated antenna directly on the device. Furthermore, utilising U.FL connectors, the EMAS100 is easy to connect your IoT product via RF cables.

Features of the EMAS100 Antenna

  • Designed for operation on EchoStar Mobile’s Pan European Licensed S-Band LoRa® Network
  • Pre-Qualified design and form factor
  • Optimised for EchoStar Mobile S-Band TX and RX frequencies
  • Pre-soldered U.FL connectors
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern to reduce the need for accurate pointing of antennas