ProEsys Infrastructure Monitoring Sensor

Satellite and Terrestrial LoRaWAN® Pole Integrity and Vibration Monitoring Sensor

IVMS-SAT is a specialised infrastructure monitoring sensor for detecting tower or infrastructure integrity and monitoring vibration and inclination of any kind of structure or industrial application, such as valuable power lines, cellular or broadcast towers, bridges, railway sites, and landslide slopes.

It is ideally suited to detect physical attacks on critical assets and send immediate alarms to the control centre. The infrastructure monitoring sensor enables real-time monitoring and movement detection, sending data based on LoRa® over satellite on the EchoStar Mobile™ network and terrestrial LoRaWAN® 868/915/923 MHz.

The satellite solution does not require gateway infrastructure and delivers real-time and bi-directional data and control. The sensor can be part of a cooperative network using terrestrial and satellite LoRa® modulation for FUOTA upgrades and inter-network connections.

As a completely waterproof new green device, it will last years on energy generated by the integrated photovoltaic panel with supercapacitors and, if necessary, on an optional internal primary battery. The sensor can be pole mounted or attached to any kind of structure. A very low-power inertial sensor and a high-accuracy inclinometer measure static position in real-time, detecting any orientation change, movement and vibration. Optional input modules allow expansion with external digital (e.g. ModBus) or analogue sensors. All sensor parameters can be remotely programmed. Connection to terrestrial networks can be implemented on long-range public or private LoRaWAN® networks.

Connection to satellite networks is accomplished on EchoStar Mobile™ S-Band LoRa® network. An internal storage memory can log the events and vibration waveforms for later retrieval and analysis. The infrastructure monitoring sensor is supplied in IP67 enclosures for outdoor installations with an extended temperature range of -30/+70°C.