Dales Lands Net Soil Monitor

Affordable, real-time soil moisture and temperature monitoring

Is a bunded store filling? Do the leaky dams activate early enough? When does a runoff start? You need the data to prove that your plan is effective.

Current multi-depth soil sensors are expensive, so there are very few of these sensors in the field. Without a soil monitor,
decisions are based on models that use surface readings along with historic data that may be outdated in a changing climate.

DLN Soil Monitor


  • 50cm depth
  • 4 Moisture zones
  • 6 Temperature readings
  • Readings report in using the IoT network every 30 min (no datalogger needed)


  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Overland flow
  • Water level measurement
  • Outflow measurement


  • Satellite
  • Sigfox / LoRa
  • SDI-12