ProEsys AT Industrial Satellite Modem

Satellite and terrestrial bi-directional communication LoRaWAN® compatible modem

Grace is an industry standard modem that provides LoRaWAN® connectivity over terrestrial and satellite networks to existing M2M terminals and relies on the standard AT command set.
The device allows existing equipment – designed for traditional modem connections – to be easily migrated to satellite or long-range public/private LoRaWAN® networks. The modem
includes a LoRaWAN® compliant protocol stack, allowing the user to focus on its application and not on protocol details.

Grace’s satellite connectivity does not require any terrestrial infrastructure, enabling D2S (Directto-Satellite) connection even from remote locations by employing EchoStar Mobile’s pan-
European and North American S-band coverage.

The DIN-rail mounting allows for an easy installation in industrial cabinets, requiring only a 12/24VDC power supply and an isolated RS-232/422/485 serial port.

The Dome Antenna for S-Band and ISM-Band communication is included in the installation kit.

This device is ideally suited for high-performance and demanding markets: Energy, Smart Grid, Transportation, Railways, Telecom and Broadcasting.