DRYAD Silvanet Suite Wildfire Detection

Ultra-early wildfire detection using a unique mesh network that enables large deployments in remote areas without mobile network coverage.

The Silvanet Suite provides a complete solution for wildfire detection and health & growth monitoring of the forest. It comprises four components; the Wildfire Sensor, Mesh Gateway, Border Gateway and the Cloud Platform. Combined, they provide ultra-early wildfire detection and monitor the microclimate of the forest. Ultra-early wildfire detection represents a crucial change in the prompt intervention against wildfires, preventing economical damage, reducing risk and saving lives.

Monitoring the health and growth of the forest with automatic, large-scale data collection enables efficient forest management and prevention of diseases.

All devices are solar-powered and run maintenance-free for up to 10-15 years. The Silvanet Cloud captures data received from the Silvanet Wildfire Sensor via the Silvanet Gateways.