EchoStar Mobile Partners With SLICES-Spain to Support Satellite IoT Research

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From 3rd October 2023, SLICES-Spain (SLICES-ES) has commenced a programme of research around satellite for IoT devices, using EchoStar Mobile’s LoRa®-enabled Evaluation Kits (EVKs). For the scientific community in Europe, this is an exciting opportunity to access emerging communications technology and help drive progress and transformation in this area.

SLICES-Spain and their research programme

IMDEA Networks and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) launched SLICES-Spain to provide a European infrastructure for experimentation into communications technologies. The aim of SLICES-Spain is to enable European-wide scientific access to emerging technology in the Information and Communications sector. With these increased experimental facilities, the scientific community can explore the potential benefits of these solutions and the improvements they can offer on a broader scale.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-moving communications technology that promises extensive benefits for global business. Therefore, the initial program initiated by SLICES-Spain is focused on IoT technology, specifically the value that European-wide coverage from satellite services can bring to these solutions.

How EchoStar Mobile is driving progress in satellite IoT

EchoStar Mobile has always taken a forward-thinking approach to its satellite services delivery, keen to improve the consistency of connectivity across all corners of Europe. In November 2022, it launched its pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network, leading the way in providing direct-to-satellite connectivity for LoRa®-enabled IoT devices.

This LoRa®-enabled IoT network is already making waves in many industries, offering a solution for connecting sensors and applications in remote areas where terrestrial coverage is limited and enabling real-time, two-way data transfer. However, its scope is incredible, and there are many more opportunities to explore. Therefore, by supporting research programmes, such as SLICES-Spain, EchoStar Mobile can extend the benefits offered by its innovative network solution.

What does the SLICES-Spain programme offer?

EchoStar Mobile is providing European researchers participating in the SLICES-Spain programme access to its LoRa®-enabled Evaluation Kits (EVKs). The Evaluation Kit has been designed to enable system integrators to develop and prototype IoT devices, leveraging EchoStar Mobile’s pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network to enhance the benefits the device can offer.

The Evaluation Kit removes the complexity of creating an IoT proof of concept. With all the necessary elements and simple integration with a variety of sensors and applications, it allows researchers to conduct real-world testing of their solution on the network with ease.

Satellite communication, enabled via the EM2050 OEM Module (a component of the Evaluation Kit), is real-time and bidirectional, supporting both UL messages from device to satellite and DL answers from satellite to device. As well as connection to EchoStar Mobile’s S-band satellite services, with coverage across all of Europe, the dual-mode module also seamlessly connects to terrestrial 868/915MHz ISM Bands.

How can researchers get involved?

SLICES-Spain is offering the lease of EchoStar Mobile’s EVKs in batches of up to 10 devices for one to six months durations, alongside access to their technical documentation. If more EVKs or a more prolonged time frame are required, this can be negotiated.

The programme is free of charge for public research institutions. Researchers only need to cover shipment. Private organisations may also be granted access, but this could be subject to a fee. The research data gained from the programme should be made freely available to the research community.

If you are interested in finding out more, please follow this link and fill in the EM EVK request form –