What pan-European means for your IoT connectivity requirements

At the end of November 2021, EchoStar Mobile announced its innovative single pan-European LoRa® network. Companies with legacy satellite IoT networks in place may question the need to switch to a new solution. However, in this blog, we present three use cases that illustrate just how valuable a single pan-European solution can be.


Companies with mobile assets

In sectors such as transport and logistics or any business with assets on the move, obtaining a seamless, reliable connection can be challenging and costly. As your assets move through different territories, remaining connected requires access to various networks and roaming agreements. Every additional subscription adds to the cost of your operation and, even then, continuous connectivity is not guaranteed as your assets cross these boundaries.

By leveraging our licensed S-band spectrum, we can offer bi-directional connectivity to LoRa® sensors across the coverage with no additional infrastructure required. Harnessing this ubiquitous, uninterrupted coverage, you can track your mobile assets wherever they move across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia and obtain real-time critical data on their status.


Companies with widely distributed assets

Whether your company has assets located in multiple countries or just across wide areas in one country, several subscriptions to different network operators are usually required to keep all your operations connected. This process can be highly cumbersome and expensive.

With a single pan-European LoRa® network, our new solution offers coverage wherever you are in the UK, Europe or Scandinavia, removing the hassle and cost of managing these multiple agreements.

Our dual-mode terrestrial and satellite module design means your devices can not only connect to our high-quality, resilient S-band spectrum but also local terrestrial networks when appropriate. This capability optimises our delivery, ensuring connectivity is highly reliable and cost-effective.


Companies with far-reaching assets

In industries like pipelines and utilities, where infrastructure stretches across vast regions and territories, the same issue of multiple roaming agreements is solved with our single pan-European LoRa® network.

Furthermore, as your infrastructure is often located in remote areas, where harsh weather conditions and lack of coverage can threaten connectivity, our dedicated S-band satellite service provides the resilience needed to overcome these challenges. With this reassuring continuous connectivity, you can monitor, manage and troubleshoot your operations and ensure your customers enjoy a high-quality, uninterrupted service.


Make the switch with ease

As a member of the LoRa Alliance®, our single pan-European LoRa® network is compliant with recognised standards. It works seamlessly with existing LoRa® ecosystems, making the switchover to enjoy these benefits convenient and straightforward.

To learn more about how our single pan-European LoRa® network can support your IoT connectivity needs, please get in touch with our team.