How Our Single Pan-European LoRa® Network Delivers Significant Benefits For The Utilities Industry

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On 30th November, EchoStar Mobile proudly announced the first single pan-European LoRa® network. For our customers, this means seamless connectivity for your distributed fixed or mobile assets that is more cost-effective and easier to implement than ad hoc LoRa® dedicated networks.

Let’s delve into the details a bit closer and explore what benefits this new capability delivers for the Utilities industry.

What does this innovative form of IoT connectivity offer?

Our pan-European LoRa® network leverages EchoStar Mobile’s licensed S-band spectrum to provide a ubiquitous and secure LoRa® service for massive IoT and predictive maintenance capabilities. It enables bi-directional, real-time connectivity to LoRa® sensors across the coverage with no additional infrastructure required, eliminating cumbersome roaming agreements and infrastructure requirements.

Utilising our dedicated S-band spectrum removes ISM-band restrictions to provide reliable performance and enterprise-grade service levels. However, as a dual-mode satellite and terrestrial module, customers can also connect to terrestrial networks as required.

What are the benefits?

Seamless, pan-European coverage

Our pan-European LoRa® network delivers ubiquitous coverage across Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia. For Utilities companies with assets distributed across wide areas and in numerous countries, this means the convenience and simplicity of one single network and subscription, rather than the time-consuming management of multiple operators and agreements.

Easy integration and assured future-proofing

As a member of the LoRa Alliance®, we can provide a LoRa® V1.0.4 compliant network and satellite-enabled LoRa module that works seamlessly with the existing LoRa® ecosystems. Using these pre-defined, device-to-infrastructure (LoRa®) physical layer parameters, our network is simple to integrate into current LoRa® solutions without the need for specialist intervention.

As Utilities companies seek out long-term options for their infrastructure connectivity, EchoStar Mobile can offer a future-proofed solution. By adopting the established LoRa® specification, our pan-European LoRa® network ensures longevity as technology evolves.

A cost-effective solution

At a challenging time for the energy industry, our pan-European LoRa® network delivers excellent cost-efficiency. By connecting LoRa® sensors directly to a single pan-European S-Band, LoRa® network, we remove the need for numerous local gateways and backhaul solutions to offer a lower total cost solution than legacy satellite IoT networks. With convenient and simple installation, further savings can also be made on engineering costs.

When in operation, the reliable, high-quality delivery of real-time, critical data from your assets also brings down the cost of operations, enabling process improvement and reducing wastage and downtime.

To learn more about our exciting step forward in LoRa® network technology, please visit our website or get in touch with our team.