IoT Innovations at The Things Conference

The Things Conference 2022

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, EchoStar Mobile will join leading builders and buyers in the LPWAN market to exhibit at The Things Conference in Amsterdam. Billed as the biggest LoRaWAN® event of the year and with the remarkable progress made recently in IoT and LoRaWAN® ecosystems, this event is set to be incredibly exciting! Below, we explore the latest news on the conference and provide exclusive insight into our participation there.

What is The Things Conference?

As the world’s largest LoRaWAN® conference, The Things Conference brings together over 1,500 leading IoT professionals to offer more than 70 curated keynotes, interactive workshops and live demonstrations, revealing the latest and most innovative developments in the industry.

As a hybrid conference, visitors can access a wealth of information in person and virtually. Those attending the event in Amsterdam, at the Kromhouthal venue, will be able to enjoy all the live keynotes and workshops, as well as network with top industry players. If you are unable to attend in person, the virtual option allows you to access an excellent selection of conference events online from any location.

Interact with the Wall of Fame

As part of The Things Conference, the Wall of Fame provides a unique opportunity to get hands-on with the latest LoRaWAN®-enabled devices. With over one hundred featured products showcased by global partners, you can touch, feel and interact with this technology while learning more via the dedicated QR codes.

Get certified on your LoRaWAN® know-how

Included in the conference ticket is the chance to gain The Things Certification. This official validation is offered in four areas: The Things Fundamentals, The Things Advanced, The Things Security and The Things Network Management, each of which requires a demonstration of your knowledge in this technology’s specification, configuration and implementation.

Learn from leaders in the field

The expertise in LoRaWAN® available at The Things Conference will be tremendous. As well as the support from high-profile partners, including Semtech, The Things Industries, Microsoft, Milesight, Wittra and EchoStar Mobile, the event also offers two days packed with insightful keynotes.

For example, on Thursday morning, the Co-Founder and President of TEKTELIC, Roman Nemish, will explore the key enablers for mass IoT adoption and the benefits that IoT deployment can bring to businesses. Later that day, Dan Preece, VP of IoT at Connexin, will share how LoRaWAN is leading the way in UK Utilities.

Friday is equally filled with fascinating keynotes from leaders in IoT deployment, including Olivier Seller, Technical Fellow of Wireless IP at Semtech, who will evaluate the “greenness” of the LoRaWAN®. Then later, Patrick Fenner, Co-Founder and Head Engineer of DefProc Engineering’s keynote entitled From Sensor to Safety: using LoRaWAN to Monitor Office Air Quality, seeks to help your business make the right choices when deploying IoT devices.

Our general manager, Telemaco Melia, will also be delivering a presentation exploring the opportunities and challenges of rolling out a pan-European LoRaWAN network delivered over satellite. He will also share how our EM2050 OEM module integrates seamlessly with our partners’ IoT sensors to provide direct-to-satellite LoRa®-enabled connectivity and unlock a wide range of operational benefits.

EchoStar Mobile at The Things Conference

As Gold standard partners at the conference, our team will be exhibiting over both days at The Things Conference. With the exciting potential of our single pan-European S-band LoRa®-enabled IoT network already generating widespread interest, we’ll be highlighting its value in connecting critical infrastructure throughout Europe, the UK and Scandinavia.

The progress in IoT deployment has been slowed due to the gaps in terrestrial coverage. However, leveraging direct-to-satellite links, such as our LoRa®-enabled IoT network, provides a solution that can unlock the immense potential of massive IoT, driving cost efficiencies, productivity, reach and safety for many industry sectors.

We’re still accepting applications for our LoRa® Early Adopter Program (LEAP), our exploratory phase, which seeks to uncover more of the benefits that our solution can offer companies in sectors such as transport and logistics, agriculture, oil and gas and utilities. If you are interested in participating, please speak to our team at the conference or contact us here.

Useful visitor information

If you would like to attend The Things Conference, tickets are still available here, and visitor details can be found below.

  • Date: 22nd -23rd September 2022
  • Times: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m
  • Address: Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, Amsterdam, 1021 KP

If you’re planning to attend and would like to arrange a time to meet with the EchoStar Mobile team, please get in touch with us here.