Tracking Telemaco Melia through Scandinavia

a section of a map with trail

When Telemaco booked a holiday biking through Scandinavia, he probably didn’t bank on being tracked by the EchoStar Mobile team, but that’s precisely what we did! With his help, we were able to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of our pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network, as explored below.

A busman’s holiday

In our quest to demonstrate the compelling advantages of our pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network, its reliable, ubiquitous coverage and high-quality performance, we popped a POC sensor in Telemaco’s backpack as he set off on his travels from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

Embarking on a motorcycle adventure, Telemaco made it as far north as Nordkapp, Norway, at the extreme latitude of 71°N and over 4,000km from the start. On his return, he travelled through several more regions (each with differing roaming agreements), including Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Telemaco traversed through built-up urban locations, remote landscapes and, going by his holiday snaps, pretty harsh conditions. All the while, the POC sensor, powered by our EM2050 OEM module (based on the Semtech LR1120 radio chipset), tracked him seamlessly and in real-time. Nothing like keeping tabs on your boss!

Applying our insight to your specific use case

While this demonstration was a bit of fun, gate-crashing Telemaco’s trip and tracking him throughout it, it highlights the outstanding reach, resilience and performance of our LoRa®-enabled IoT network, illustrating the real-world possibilities of this solution.

Our EM2050 OEM module can be integrated into a sensor of your choice, providing your business with access to your specific critical data across the largest LoRa®-enabled IoT network in the world. As a pan-European network, there’s no need for cumbersome roaming agreements across different geographic regions. Instead, you can enjoy uninterrupted and ubiquitous coverage across the area.

Our partners in our early adoption program for LoRa® (LEAP) are integrating our EM2050 OEM module into a range of sensors, from soil moisture to flood monitoring, asset tracking, and many more, and we are excited to receive the data on its performance.

a section of map with trail

Example use cases

Telemaco’s demonstration showcases the significant benefits our pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network can offer to a wide range of industries. As well as providing resilient connectivity in remote areas, its use for tracking mobile assets is extremely exciting.

For health organisations transporting medical supplies, having real-time, reliable access to critical data on elements such as temperature, product quality and location can improve safety, security and efficiency. With our dual-mode terrestrial and satellite design, organisations can also enjoy more cost-effective connectivity, as the EM2050 OEM module connects to local terrestrial networks, where appropriate.

The same benefits can also be applied to any transport or logistics company transporting high-value goods. Having complete and up-to-date knowledge of the whereabouts and condition of their products is highly valuable to the company’s operational activity.

And these benefits are not restricted to land-based travel. Sensors monitoring assets around coastal areas can also be integrated with the EM2050 OEM module, helping to improve route navigation, avoid adverse weather conditions, increase vessel efficiency, take care of the crew’s safety and more.

man in motorcycle gear next to motorbikes

What’s next?

As our partners complete our early adoption program for LoRa® (LEAP), we’ll be sharing the details of their findings over the coming weeks and months. Using this data, we can then proceed toward the commercial launch of our pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network in the near future.

If you’d like to participate in our early adoption program for LoRa® (LEAP) to explore how our pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network can provide solutions to your industry challenges, please get in touch with our team.