Out-of-band management can be low cost and quick to deploy

Satellite Communication Service

Primary communication technology is not infallible, with external conditions or technical issues occasionally causing connections to falter. For example, snow, ice or rain can cause rain fade and degradation of primary VSAT communications services. Furthermore, adverse environmental events like floods, seismic activity or fires can cause cellular infrastructure to be compromised, causing massive outages during times when robust communication services are more critical than ever. Out-of-band management provides a solution to getting these communications up and running again, and it can be more cost-efficient and easier to deploy than you may initially believe.

What is out-of-band management?

When primary communication services are interrupted, e.g., from rain fade, local conditions or equipment failure, out-of-band management can be used to diagnose the problem.

A key element of out-of-band management is that it is a connectivity solution that operates independently of the primary communications network. For example, the EchoStar Mobile CONTINUITY™ satellite service uses the licensed S-band spectrum, which is less susceptible to environmental conditions like rain fade, providing a reliable backup solution for identifying problems and re-establishing connections when the primary network fails.

Why is out-of-band management valuable for VSAT satellite technology?

VSAT technology provides an agile communication network when industries require connectivity in multiple locations and often in remote or challenging areas. These terminals can be installed at distributed sites and managed remotely via their connection to a central hub. It’s an efficient and generally reliable method of remotely monitoring and managing assets. However, the more terminals installed, the greater the complexity encountered should a fault occur.

Out-of-band management allows a rapid and remote diagnosis and isolation of the fault using mobile satellite services operating on a different frequency. Leveraging remote out-of-band management technology removes the need for field engineers to make visits to every site, reducing operational downtime and eliminating the travel costs that would otherwise be incurred. It also removes the safety concerns of field engineers visiting these remote and sometimes hazardous locations.

A quick-to-deploy, low-cost solution

Out-of-band management doesn’t have to be an expensive add-on to a company’s primary communication network or to an SLA offered by distribution partners. On the contrary, EchoStar Mobile provides affordable out-of-band management solutions via our S-band Mobile Satellite Services, which also utilise easy-to-deploy, agile hardware for added convenience.

Working in the S-band, our CONTINUITY™ satellite service is a highly resilient backup solution that enables companies to provide always-on services and have continuous access to their critical data. As an out-of-band management solution, it can remotely diagnose any failures with a primary communications network quickly and with ease. Harnessing the benefits of our Hughes satellite terminals for our out-of-band management solution brings further advantages. These terminals are user-friendly, agile, have low power consumption and can be simply installed without the expertise of a satellite engineer. Working with a range of APIs, Hughes terminals offer remote interaction with assets from many sectors.

We’re keen to ensure that budgets don’t hamper a company’s ability to access best-in-breed technologies. Therefore, our Hughes 4500 and 4510 terminals are more than half the price of our competitors, while our price packages are designed to include ultra-low billing increments. With these key advantages, distributors can build our out-of-band management solution into their SLAs as a transparent benefit for their clients, and companies can be confident in being able to deliver a seamless service for their customers.

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