Voice & Data

EchoStar Mobile Limited provides commercial wholesalers with a new, advanced network for reliable, IP-based mobile satellite services (MSS) voice and data services in Europe. In the future, this network will be integrated with a complementary ground component. The network enables increased connectivity for small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations, government agencies and consumers. Potential applications include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), web browsing and email. The communications network offered by EchoStar Mobile can benefit new and existing markets in served and underserved areas, including public safety, disaster relief and automotive connectivity.

Service Applications:

  • Traditional and Legacy MSS Voice and Data Service
  • Machine-to-Machine and IoT-Connected Devices
  • Hybrid MSS Connectivity
  • Smartphone Connectivity

EchoStar Mobile services are available through our partners. Contact a distributor for more details.

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EchoStar Mobile’s satellite-based platform, designed and developed by Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS), leverages the ETSI GMR-1 3G air interface standard, enabling wireless mobile devices to communicate over the satellite.

The Portable Data Terminal (PDT), also developed by HNS, is designed for two-way communication, acting as an MSS hotspot that supports all advanced IP services providing 3G/4G-compatible voice and narrowband data services.

In addition to the mobile voice and data services that are the core of our initial offering, EchoStar Mobile continues work with partners and potential users to explore opportunities to develop applications and services that leverage the capabilities of the platform.

The PDT product sheet can be found here.

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